Below are helpful resources and reviews that I will put into categories relating to spending, saving, budgeting, debt management and credit for any demographics:


5 Ways to spend your money more wisely
How to Splurge on a Budget
CONSUMER AFFAIRS: FTC helps you spend money wisely
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Frugal Retirees: Go ahead, spend your money


29 Ways to Save Hundreds on Groceries
31 Money Saving Tricks for Students
How to save money when money is tight
3 Smart Ways Seniors Citizens Can Save Money
17 tips to save money


7 Tips For Effective And Stress-Free Budgeting
Best budgeting tips – Business Insider
Budgeting Basics – Budgeting Tips
10 tips for household budgets
Making a Budget

Debt Management


5 tips for managing your debt
7 tips for The Do-It-Yourself Debt Manager
Credit and debt management – Government of Canada
10 Easy Steps to Debt Management
Managing Debt


Personal Finance Education