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There are many debt settlement and debt consolidation companies which advertise on the internet or TV to help the average American who are overburdened with debt.  The first thing to know is what is debt settlement and debt consolidation.  Both are very different and both can affect your credit rating; however, debt settlement should be used as a last resort as it will likely damage your credit.

What is debt settlement and debt consolidation?  

Debt settlement is a process where you negotiate with your creditors to settle your debt for an amount that is less than what you owe.  An example of settling a debt is by providing a lump sum payment to the creditor and then that reduced amount would be regarded as payment in full.  This can be done directly with the creditor or through a third provider on your behalf.  Note that if there is any debt that is forgiven, it may be considered taxable income.  You will need to check with a local accountant or tax service expert.  Debt settlement should be used as a legitimate way to get back on track in order to avoid going through bankruptcy.

Debt consolidation is way where you would take debt from different credit sources such as credit cards, lines of credit and putting them into one card or loan at a low interest rate and then paying just from that account.  

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The review on this article will be on National Debt Relief.Get A Free Debt Relief Quote

National Debt Relief is one of America’s biggest debt settlement companies helping those struggling in debt and financial hardships founded in 2009.  They specialize in debt settlement; negotiating with creditors with lower payoff amounts in order to lower the amount of debt that is owed.  Their charges are around 18 to 25% of your total enrolled debt and they do not charge monthly service fee.

The minimum debt requirement you must meet before working with you is $7,500.  The debts they work with consumers are secured/unsecured debts, medical bills, Lines of Credit, business debts and certain student loan debts; though, student loans and pay day loan consolidation is often exempt.  The typical turn-around for debt relief is 24 to 48 months.

National Debt Relief has a flexible payment schedule, services for secured and unsecured loans, professional advisors, self-help tools, mobile access to their site, a free budget planner and debt calculator.  Through the application, they allow you to have a cosigner.  There is a great resource online with their specialized FAQ containing the types of debt they cover, eligibility in becoming a candidate for debt settlement and debt collection practices that are prohibited. 

National Debt Relief’s comprehensive customer service program contains access to representatives by phone, email, live chat and social media.

One of things to check for in a company is its accreditation.  National Debt Relief is accredited through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating and also a member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC).

They offer a quote and consultation for free.

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  • If you are not satisfied with their products or services or it does not work with you, they offer a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Low minimum role ($7,500)
  • Friendly, professional customer service with no pressure into their program


  • Not available in certain states due to state regulations.  The states include Connecticut, Georgia, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Oregon, Vermont and West Virginia.
  • As with all other debt relief companies, not all debt will qualify.
  • Throughout the program, you are liable for your debts.  Not all creditors will be obligated to work with National Debt Relief.  Creditors still have within their rights to make collection calls or even sue you.

Ensure that you research any debt relief company including National Debt Relief and when you do contact them, ask them relevant questions about your situation and what you are looking to achieve in the end.  The answers provided may not be the answers that you want to hear but ensure that they are truthful.  If you do not understand something from a question or through the application process, you need to get them to take the time to make sure that you understand from beginning to end the process.  For the fees, ask if they can break it down so that nothing is missing.

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