Debt As A Disease

From the above quote, debt has caused much hardship, pain, health issues as well as corruption in society.  Debt has existed in the past and still exists to this day.  It is getting worse as nothing is being done and no proactive measures are being done to give the average person the mindset to deal with it.  It is as if there is something that is keeping society in this state, resisting change, magnetizing the individual to financial instability.  The quote above states that debt undermines governments and corrupt the people.  Even governments are vulnerable to debt; it is a great disease where finding a cure is intentionally blocked or prohibited.  The main point is that it corrupts the people.  Does not debt involve money?  If debt is money then we can also say that money corrupts the people.  Money has been with the human race for a very long time going back to the ancient Greek empire and past down from generation to generation as a form of bartering system.  We have to understand money in order to understand debt.

Money is a part of our daily lives as we need it for our basic needs such as food and shelter.  In this age, we depend on money to survive which is why we have what is called the monetary system.  How is it that we get money?  It is all different based on the individual.  One individual works and gets a pay check that is deposited into a bank account; the pay check is a fixed amount of money.  Another individual has a business where they get money from their customers.  Other individuals get money from the government either based on employment insurance, social assistance, disability or retirement.  Again the money is fixed meaning it comes in a finite amount.  There are individuals that get money from investments and these individuals receive it in the form of passive income.

I have mentioned that money we receive is fixed and we receive it either monthly or bi-weekly.  However we have expenses where the money has to go and as mentioned previously it would be for our basic needs.  Whatever is left would go to our savings, emergency funds, retirement, insurance.  Then if there is money left over, it is necessary to see if it can be used to buy items for personal use.  It is ok to buy items as wants but we have our limitations.  The problem that we as a society have is that we overspend beyond our limits meaning that we spend money we have and we have to start to use borrowed money from credit cards, lines of credit, mortgage.  This is where we get into what we call debt.  There are individuals that get into debt but discipline their mind to ensure that they get out of it to stay financially stable.  The psychology of our mindset has it that if we like something, a new trending item, an item that is popular, we want it as well.  We will do anything to get the item.  Our impulse and desire will supersede our financial stability and lead us astray into hardship.  This is where debt starts to become a disease in society.

Diseases come in all types; some have treatments and some unfortunately do not.  Living with a disease is so uncomfortable that it affects ones physical and mental capabilities.  It may endure stress, feeling isolated, helpless, hopeless, being ashamed and negative.  We have diseases in health, it can happen in the nature and the environment, on physical objects such as mechanical items, and it can be on addictions to things such as drinking, drugs, gambling and spending.  The most occurring disease that we as a society is facing is being in debt.  Debt itself is a disease.  Why does the average household end up on debt?  What are the triggers that one would spiral into debt?  Does debt as a disease have to happen?  Earlier it was mentioned that diseases have treatments and with debt I believe that there can be a treatment.  It will take time and we have to have a positive mindset.  It will take determination and belief that it can be done.

I hear personally that there is great difficulty in getting out debt, that once in debt there is no going back out, that it is hard keep up with payments.  I am in debt and the most important thing I think about is keeping a positive attitude, planning and sticking to a budget; not veering away from my end goals, resist temptation when it comes to buying items that I do not need which will get me more into debt, stay away from corner payday loans and; if I have to, go the cheapskate route by living below my means until I get back to stability, find bargains and I actually mean interest saving bargains from credit cards or lines of credit where I currently have debt to lower my minimum payment so that the amount I usually put will accelerate the debt payment.  All you have to do is call the company and ask if they have a balance transfer promotion.  You will be surprised in what you find.  You have to think with a healthy mind to treat the debt disease.  Debt is treatable and there are so many financial medications to search for and find as this is man-made.  If I can believe that I can get rid of this disease, it can for certain be done by anyone.  I will be an encouragement to everyone and through this mindset, debt as a disease will be a thing of the past.

4 thoughts on “Debt As A Disease”

  1. This was a good read and so true. I am still in a lot of debt from school and its a burden on me, The only way it seems to me to get out of it is to start a business. Or rob a bank but that’s frowned upon. lol Although I do agree to stick to a budget and not buy things that aren’t really important. Not to say to not buy something for yourself here and there because you can go crazy but don’t make it a habit buying all the cool stuff you pass by going to the store.

    1. Hello James,

      I understand your situation as I have been in student debt which I have managed to pay it off thanks to being frugal, living below my means and the added bonus of living with family.  I currently have debt and going back to living the cheapskate way, below my means so that I can get rid of it.  I am taking advantage of the credit card promotions coming my way with low interest for 6 to 12 months in order to pay it off faster.  I do agree with you that we have to control our spending habits and sticking to a budget.  I believe the trend these days in order to get out of debt is to live below our means as there are so many people in debt.  You pointed out starting a business and that is one way such as internet marketing.  Another way to find a work at home job which I found through commenting other websites is through Home Job Shop where you pay a one time lifetime fee of $18 and search for jobs in different categories.  Debt is a burden in our society; however, we can get past this and believe in ourselves.  There is so much help out there on the internet and individuals such as myself providing tips, strategies, testimonials and references.  We need to help each other collectively and compassionately to fight this disease.

  2. Great article Sam..thumbs up! It’s true debt has become one of our modern society’s disease. It’s so common we tend to take it for granted, and many have come to accept it as the norm. It has subtly crawled it’s way into people’s lives , where people have so welcomed it and never think of getting rid of it. It’s sad many have become so comfortable with debt and allowed it to stay, putting no resistance. The average person thinks there’s no way out, but like you say, “there’s so much information these days on the internet” on how to get rid of debt. And thanks to your site that’s wholly dedicated to helping folks deal with it. People need to control their spending habits and stick to their budget, no# 1 and no# 2 look for means to earn extra income.

    1. Hello Jon,

      I appreciate your comment. Taking a quote from the Oxford Dictionary online regarding disease is ‘A particular quality or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people.’. This is what debt is doing to the person or group of people. It is only the late stages does debt come up in the headlines that has now become a world-wide crisis and has been caused from the previous Great Recession of 2008. Where there is a way in, there is a way out. Society has to adapt in living within their means and this goes for all income brackets. We all have to take this seriously and really work with each other or else we will be headed to another financial crisis which will be more drastic than the Great Recession. If it has to be so where debt is so out of control that we cannot pay out of our means, we should advocate to the Government to introduce a debt forgiveness plan which will come with new regulations once the crisis has been eliminated. Regulations would have to be put upon the credit institutions or any third-party loan provider; likewise, control has to be put upon society so that debt incursion will be avoided.

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