Pay Down Debt By Selling Unneeded Items

Have you ever looked around your home and find items that you hardly use or are just taking up space?  We tend to like buying items, use it for a certain period of time and then set it aside.  There can be stored items in a basement, attic, garage or even a storage.  The question to ask yourself is do you need that item?  Will it be used in the near future?  Is there any use of the item in the household?

If you have answered No to the above questions, then the next thing to ask is what is my financial situation?  Do I have credit card, student loans or any other loans that I need to pay off?  If so, then why not sell the unneeded items in order to put the money earned towards to the debt?  We can sell the items through a garage sale, online sites such as Kijiji or Craigslist or even eBay.  Here we are having items that we do not use that can potentially turn into money which we can put towards a necessary place.  Not only will it add more space to the home but it will cause a transference from a non-need to a need.  Below I will provide some things when looking around the household to consider as unneeded items.

Do you collect comic books or sports cards?

If you have comic books that you have collected earlier in life or handed down to you, they can have value depending on how old it is.  You can have your comic books appraised by going to comic book shops or buy a comic appraisal book to see the potential worth of the comic book.  When you do take the comic books to get them appraised, they will be put into a sealed plastic container and then given a score.  If you go to Sell My Comic Books they will provide information on how to sell your comic books and get them appraised.  They even have a most valuable section and if you find a comic book that matches what is in the list, you could be looking for a good value.  As long as the comic book is in good condition and rare, the more it will be in value.  Another way to add value to your comic books is if you attend a Comic-Con that is held annually in your area and have the pencilers present to sign your comic book.  The same applies with sports cards in a variety of sports such as hockey, football, baseball.  Look at the rookie cards and also check on the internet the value of the sports card.  You will be surprised at what you will find.

Do you collect or own LP records? 

LPs are becoming popular once again and depending on what album you have can score you a great price.  You can check your vinyl record as there will be a serial number on it and then can give you the value.  If you have any Beatles vinyls then it would be worth to see how much it is worth.  Also, you can look at eBay to compare your LP to others that are being sold and giving you the average price it is going for.  Again, the more rare the vinyl record, the valuable it is.

Do you have toys that you used to play with back in the days?

It is no surprise that toys have value depending on the age, if it is a limited item and also how rare it is to find.  If you look at eBay for toys, you will find many toys that, if kept in good condition and even has the original packaging will bring up its value.  Toys from the 1980s such as Transformers, He-man, Gi-Joe, Star Wars and much more can go up in the thousand of dollars.  Even if you have parts of a toy that is rare can it give you a great value.  There are many collectors that would like to get their hands on that one toy they have been looking for and if you own it, take advantage of it and the bargaining power.  Check out Toyworth and look up toys that you have to see how much you can get for it.  If it is still packaged will it be higher in value. 

Do you own antique items?

Antique items come if different shapes and sizes.  They can be chairs, tables, sofas, bedroom sets and even cars. Is the antique item that you currently own goes down the family tree or does it have a historical significance.  This will make a big difference if you have either or.  There are appraisers that can come to your place to determine how significant is the antique item or you can find appraisers in your area.  Once you are ready to sell your antique item then look for auction places which deal specifically with antique items or antique dealers.  However, keep in mind when it comes to antique dealers to visit different places as you will get different quotes on how much the dealers are willing to pay.  In the end, it is you that wants to the get the most out of the sale.

If you have any other unneeded items that you would like to share or comment on, please free to comment below.  Also, please share your experiences on the items that I have mentioned and if that has helped you with regards to bringing down or even eliminating your debts.

2 thoughts on “Pay Down Debt By Selling Unneeded Items”

  1. I have done this exact thing. I have found over the years that I have accumulated many items at which time I purchased were great and wanted, but now I just kinda have. I have some good coin by selling the extra I have and surprised after doing research, realizing just how much some of that stuff is worth.

    1. Thank you for the comment Bradley. We tend to buy things that are attractive and just want to have but given time we will get bored with it or it may not be of interest as a new product will arrive. I am that type of person, especially when it comes to electronics and smart phones. I have since disciplined myself to just be happy with what I currently have and if I do not need the new product then I will not buy it. Now when it comes to the stuff we have that we have put aside, if it is taking space then we can sell it. If we see that it looks valuable then better get it appraised as you will not know what it is really worth. As you mentioned with your coin collection, you found out that there was a lot of worth to it. I should think about getting my comic books appraised as there are some that I have collected dating back to the 1960’s.

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