Soldier of Finance Review


Title: Soldier of Finance
Author: Jeff Rose
Publisher: AMACOM
Publication Date: September 9, 2013
Genre: Business & Money
Price: $12.06
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I own and have read this book finding it very easy to follow and understand.  The stories that Jeff Rose tells about his military experience fit very well with the financial aspects in an individual’s life.  When Jeff Rose talks able debt, he puts the analogy of debt as being an enemy in a battle field that one has to survive through financial bootcamp strategies.  Jeff talks about how to tackle credit card debts, getting your credit score and report, finding inconsistencies in your credit report which one can easily repair, setting goals and tactical budgeting.  Jeff Rose writes his book like a military to do list where it starts with a mission and ends with a debriefing.  I like how at the end of each chapter he has a go/no go check list to check your progress in the particular strategy and the areas that need improvement.  I always reference this book when I go through my personal financial planning and ensure that I am keeping to my specific goals.  I recommend this to anybody that needs a road map in their financial planning and debt management.

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  1. This seems like a very interesting book. Keeping up with the finances has always been difficult. It’s good to know that there is something like a road-map that could give some guidance. Coincidentally someone recommended me this writer but it was not this book, it title has something to do with heroes, debt heroes. This is more about how people did get out of debt. Of-course its good to learn from each other but having a road-map for yourself to work on sounds better.

    1. Hello Dira,

      Not only is Soldier of Finance a book containing a road map but it is practical and hands-on as Jeff Rose provides exercises to go through in such a way as to writing down all the debts that you have , prioritizing the debt, provide a 3 and 5 year goal on where you want to be and have accomplished and even an oath that one would take and abide by. Jeff mentions that he takes the concepts from the Soldier’s Handbook when he was in the military and then transforms it to tackle one’s finances. At the end of the chapters he provides a Go/No go list that you would check to see if you have followed the steps in that chapter and if not then to work on that particular task. Even now I am going back to specific chapters where I go back and track my progress as well as my goals. If I have to change things then I will in order to get back on track in my road map. I treat it as a trajectory with an endpoint. The trajectory can change as we can face sudden obstacles in our lifestyle. We want to keep the trajectory consistent but we have to face the reality of the situation and focus on the ultimate end game. As Jeff mentions, it is like starting basic training and persevering throughout the whole training. Once we get the experience in the Financial jungle, it is a matter of surviving and beating our adversaries which in this case would be the debts, loans, mortgage to gain freedom and peace of mind.


  2. Seems like Jeff Rose is in the know of what to avoid and not avoid in the financial world.

    Thanks for the valuable info.

    Is this book perhaps free on the internet? Do you know?

    1. Hello Edu. Thank you for your comment. Jeff Rose provides guidelines that models a Soldier’s handbook in order for one to tackle their debt and overcoming financial obstacles. I really like the way he engages the reader to take charge of their finances and provide a check list before going to the next task. It is a hands-on, practical book which one will have to read, re-read and go back to certain sections to ensure that they are following their training and be self-disciplined. That is what I like about this book as I see that there are many out there that are struggling in debt and need that push to get that confidence in check. With regards to the book being free on the internet, I am not sure as that will require searching. I personally purchased the book and it is available to me in my personal library.

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