Get help with Student Loan Debt

It is exciting when you get enrolled in college or university as you will be studying and majoring in a field of your future career.  Promises are given by the program facilitator that when one graduates, they will easily find a career and earn a very decent salary through all the years of hard work, research papers and sleepless nights finishing the projects.

In these times, attending college or university will entail time and a lot of money through tuition payments, purchasing books and materials for the courses.  The other entailment is housing.  If living with parents then housing will not be an issue.  The issue would be for those needing to rent an apartment if coming from another city, province or state.  When looking for a house or apartment to rent, the location is one important thing to look at.  In most areas, the houses or apartments close to the campus to rent would be the most expensive.   The third entailment would be food and entertainment.

Tips to Get help with Student Loan Debt

Budget yourself just to insure that you are able to pay into the debt.

In my situation when I was attending college, I had to apply for a student loan.  I did have some government savings bonds that helped a little but ultimately I had to face the fact that I will be in debt and will need to pay it back once I graduated.  The other help so that I was not digging myself deeper into debt was living at home and commuting to college.  Once I was in my third year of college, there was an opportunity that opened up where I applied for a lab monitor position to help students connect with their account and solve their computer issues.  This was the turning point in my college life as the money I was receiving from the internal job helped pay for the tuition and not apply for a student loan.  This job continued until I graduated and eventually found a job in the telecommunications section (pre-2000).  When I was going through the tough times I did have to budget myself and my spending habits to offset the debt balance from my student loan.  Even when I got my job placement within the college, I still stuck to my budget and eventually payed off my the debt when I was in the workforce.  It took discipline and a mindset where I drew my roadmap and set a realistic goal to eliminate my student loan debt.

Below are helpful websites that have tricks where you can bring down your debts.  The key is ensuring that you are not creating more debt as you are trying to get out because then you are walking on a treadmill.

15 ways to deal with your debt

I found the above site resourceful as it mentions how one can deduct student load interest when it comes to Tax season.

How to Deal with Student Loans When You Owe More Than Your Annual Salary

With the above site, I found out that it gives you a direction and a last resort.  The last resort brought to me attention to when you are using Federal debt and can ask for a deferment and forbearance to postpone the debt and possibly offer a 0% interest.


Take the time to think about where you can find out how to get debt forgiveness with the lowest interest plus. The time will then help to find employment to then tackle down the debt.  If the company that you get employed has a program to work on student debt then this is a bonus to accelerate the debt repayment.  The more experience you get in your company then you will make yourself a commodity to other companies that will offer you a higher salary and this will factor into your acceleration and eventual elimination of the student debt.

2 thoughts on “Get help with Student Loan Debt”

  1. Thank you for this article. I find that it’s horrible that college students have to be in debt and will need to pay their debt back once they graduated. I personally decided to work for few years and save money for college before I started to study. That way I had the opportunity to see what kind of job fits my personality best.

    Thanks again, great reading!

    1. You are very welcome. I actually find that colleges and universities know this and take advantage by gouging students with high tuitions and selling books needed for courses at a ridiculous price (i.e. workbooks that students have to buy for labs). This ultimately makes the students have to put more money where on average will end up in loans. I personally find that colleges/universities act more like businesses than educational institutions. I have been through and experienced this when I attended colleges. I agree with you in that it is horrible and I blame the colleges/universities. This is the western system way of thinking which works on capitalism. If you look at Europe and other countries, they help students through their post-secondary years. They understand that the needs of students outweigh the monetary system. I never hear of students being in debt and struggling to pay their student loans. I feel there should be a reform to the post-secondary education system in the western world so that it works in favour of student. I live in Canada and in the province of Ontario. I can see that there is a change where the government is realizing the problems that students are facing (especially those from low to middle income class families) and are now making it affordable by putting the needs of the student first and offering free tuition. Why should one pay to learn something they are passionate about so that they can find a career and benefit our economy after they graduate. Once one has a peace of mind, they will give back to society.

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