Getting to know your Energy Usage

Some bills are luxury items.  True.  Let’s look at our energy bills as this is the most big item in household; especially lately there has been news about price hiking and gouging to consumers.  A lot of people are not aware that they can do their laundry, their cooking for half the price.  It all adds up.  Who wants to pay $180 on a gas bill when it be $90 for the exact same usage?  Are you aware that your oven and your laundry as well as running electronic devices such as TV, computers, and multimedia boxes 24 hours are the biggest drain to your budget?  Dedicate a day of the week during a low cost energy time.  If you can hang dry your laundry, why not?  Air is free and it does the same job as the dry and your dryer is more energy hungry than your washing machine.  Usually there are pamphlets or inserts with your bill that most people don’t look at and focus on the bill.  That pamphlet which has been overlooked contains valuable money saving guidelines.  These guidelines are to help you create a schedule of when to do your oven baking or laundry.  They are tricky because the schedule is usually the most expensive when people do the activities during the week.  You need to be one step ahead of that schedule and being aware of that schedule is the first step in being able to avoid the extra charges.  There is usually an outline in the pamphlet indicating the peak-hours.  Be careful though, as soon as you get used to the routine, it changes based on the season.  There are certain bills that are fixed and certain bills that can be eliminated that you can do without.  Gas and electricity is not one of them.  Do what you can.  

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